Can Ford SYNC® Unlock My Car?

January 2nd, 2018 by


If you’re the owner of a new or used Ford vehicle with Ford SYNC® technology, then you have a lot of infotainment features available — including the ability to unlock your car remotely through your phone via Ford SYNC® Connect. We’ll look at how the Ford SYNC® Connect app lets you unlock your car, as well as other useful capabilities like Remote Start.

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What the Ford SYNC® Connect App Can Do

One of the latest additions to the Ford SYNC® lineup, Ford SYNC® Connect allows you to perform a wide range of vehicle functions right from your smartphone, including:

  • Lock and unlock the car
  • Remote start
  • Programmed remote start
  • Vehicle health report (gas level, oil level, battery level, tire pressure, etc.)
  • Vehicle location services via GPS

If you’re the lucky owner of a new Ford vehicle with Ford SYNC® Connect services installed, then you’ll get five years of complementary Ford SYNC® Connect, which can be set up through an intuitive two-step authentication process. SYNC® also offers a range of other functions including the new Ford SYNC® 3 system with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ compatibility. Find out more about the unique capabilities of Ford SYNC® Connect at Laird Noller.

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