Black and Yellow 2018 Mustang GT 350

August 30th, 2018 by

Hi All again from Laird Noller Ford here in Topeka and Lawrence, Kansas! we are back with another edition of the Super BLOG! I guess in this case it should be referred to as a super VLOG because it comes in video form. We are lucky to have a 2018 Ford Mustang GT 350 in Topeka with the famed paint. It has the triple yellow tri-coat with black racing stripes that make it look very aggressive and fast.

Now I’m not here to spoil the video with a bunch of words but the coolest thing on the mustang is the selectable exhaust. You can toggle between normal exhaust and sport. The sport is very loud and aggressive and makes it sound like it just came off the track and the normal is loud and cool enough but yet won’t wake the neighbors. (We think.) I’ll leave the rest of the walkaround and information on this Shelby GT 350 to Evan Penner who did an awesome job demonstrating the features. Here it is:



IF you have any more questions that aren’t covered in the video feel free to visit Laird Noller Ford in Topeka, Kansas at 2245 SW Topeka Blvd. or the Ford store in Lawrence, Kansas at 935 W. 23rd street or contact us here! If you love the Mustang but don’t want to swing the GT 350 here are some more affordable Ford Mustangs. Thanks for checking out our Blog and have an awesome day!

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