Best Place to Buy a Used Car/Truck in Lawrence…

June 19th, 2017 by

Best Place to Buy a Used Car/Truck in Lawrence, Kansas..Laird Noller wins Best Place to Buy a Used Car in Lawrence

Trying to figure out which what dealership or used car lot in Lawrence you are going to purchase your next used car at? That can be a difficult search. Is the dealer going to treat me fair and right? If something breaks down shortly after purchasing the car is the dealer going to take care of it and make sure i’m happy? All these are good questions and they must be asked when considering buying a used car because it’s not just about the actual car it’s about the place. You want to buy from good people who care about the customer long after the sale and strive to not meet expectations but far surpass them.
This question can be asked about any business in the Lawrence area when you’re trying to figure out where to do business. That’s where the Best of Lawrence comes in. They have put together a reader’s choice and customer’s of all these store’s in Lawrence weighed in and they answered all those questions for you with a simple vote. The city of Lawrence has spoken and they say The BEST Place to Buy a Used Car or Truck in Lawrence is at Laird Noller Automotive! So when you go looking for your next used car, you automatically know who the people of Lawrence know and trust the most for their next used vehicle. Have confidence that your next used car is going to last a long time with Laird Noller’s Certified Confidence program that you can learn more about by clicking here!
Thanks, Lawrence!