2017 Ford Escape Trim Level Breakdown

July 24th, 2017 by

Welcome ladies and gents to another edition of our ‘Ford Research Series’ at Laird Noller Ford Topeka. What it is going to do is give YOU a clear understanding of the trim levels offered on all Ford models and what comes in the trim level so you can select the perfect new Ford in Kansas for you. The great thing about Ford is that they offer great customizability with their vehicles. If you want a 2017 Ford Escape SE you can get a base one or you can get a more loaded up 201a Ford Escape with SYNC 3 and 4 wheel drive and heated seats. There is a lot to choose from so we are here to help you understand the 2017 Ford Escape packages. So without further ado let’s get after it!!!

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Today we are going to be dissecting the 2017 Ford Escape and all the trim level’s and options the Ford Escape can offer you and your family. First the trim levels:


2017 Ford Escape S model:

This is the base package that Ford offers and will be the easiest on your wallet starting at 23,995 MSRP. As far as the engine goes it comes with a 2.5L iVCT engine that produces 168 horsepower and 170 lb. –ft of torque while still getting impressive fuel economy for a small SUV. The 2017 Ford Escape S gets 21 mpg in the city and 29 mpg on the Kansas highway’s which means less time at the pump and more money saved.

2017 Ford Escape S Trim Level with Lightning Blue paint in Topeka, Kansas

2017 Ford Escape S Trim Level

2017 Ford Escape SE model:

This is the mid-range package and it comes with two different PEP or package codes, the 200a package and the 201a package. With the 200a package you get the painted aluminum wheels and the door handles that match the body color. On the Escape S you get black door handles and hub caps. As for the interior it is largely the same except for getting a 10 way power driver seat on the 200a SE. Another option that comes with this ride is Sirius XM and with Ford you get 6 months free of commercial free music in your car. If you want to take a look at Laird Noller Ford’s large selection of Escapes in Kansas click HERE.


The 2017 Ford Escape 201a has more gadgets and options that the 200a. On the 201a Escape you get the 8” Touch Screen with Ford’s new infotainment, SYNC 3 and heated driver and passenger seats with both of the seats are power. This is definitely the most popular Ford Escape trim level because of all the options you get and it is still a really good price point. Here are a few other options that the 201a comes with:

2017 Ford Escape SE 201a Package Silver in Topeka, Kansas

2017 Ford Escape SE 201a Package Silver

-SYNC Connect – Allows you to connect to your Ford Escape with your mobile phone and remote lock and unlock the doors, uses the windows, remote start and schedule a remote start and much more with the FordPass app!

-Reverse Sensing system- These are sensors on the back on the Escape SE 201a that alert you if you are going to back into a building or car in Kansas. This feature makes you a better driver!:)

-Another feature that make drivers better in Kansas is the BLIS system which stands for the Blind Spot Information System. What this is is a small light in the corner of both side view mirrors and if a car or object is in your blind spot the light will illuminate a very bright orange so you know not to merge.

-The engines available in the SE are both the 1.5L (179 horsepower and 177 lb-ft of torque which gets 23 MPG city and 30 MPG highway ) and the 2.0L (245 horsepower and 275 lb-ft of torque which get 20 Mpg city and 27 MPG highway) EcoBoost engines. Both have plenty of power to pass folks on these Kansas highways.

One more side note is that the 201a comes standard with cloth seating but leather is available as an option but comes standard on the next Escape model, the Titanium. If you want to see some high definition photos of a 201a model check out this page and click on one of the 2017 Escapes!


2017 Ford Escape Titanium model:


The Titanium is the highest trim level and comes in two packages the 300a and 301a. Right off the bat the Escape Titanium is going to be more luxurious with its leather seating that comes standard on both Packages. I am going to list the features as it is probably easier and more interesting to read:

2017 Ford Escape Titanium 301a Package with Platinum white color in Topeka. Kansas

2017 Ford Escape Titanium 301a Package

-Ambient Lighting- You can select the colors of the lighting that lights up near the door handle, cup holders and the floor in the front and rear.

-Intelligent Access Entry- This is probably my favorite feature, so what this is is a key fob instead of a key and you can have this in your pocket or purse and walk up to the Ford Escape and put your hand on the handle to unlock and lock the doors without ever locating the fob. This fob also allows you to remote start the vehicle and open the rear hatch.

-Comes with the Kick activated lift gate so if you have your hands full with groceries you can wave your leg under the bumper and the rear hatch will open for you.

-Dual Zone Climate Control so both people in the front can be comfortable.

-110v/400watt wall outlet so you can plug in something you would in your home like a standard phone charger or laptop charger.

-2 smart charging USB ports where you can charge up to 2.4 amps which would charge an IPad.

-And of course a rear view camera but that comes all the 3 Ford Escape trim levels in the 2017.

-The engine options are both the 1.5L and the 2.0L EcoBoost Engines


If you want to see the inside of the Ford Escape Titanium click here and check them out!



Current July 2017 Ford Escape Rebates in Kansas:

Here are the current rebates that are on the Escape at this time of July 6th, 2017. Now keep in mind that these are the Ford rebates with the Kansas/Missouri region and are subject to change around the country. This is a really good time to buy a new Ford because it is getting late in the model year and the 2018 Escapes are about to come out so Ford wants to get these moved to make room for the 2018’s and dealers want the same. Also, new car and truck sales overall have slipped in the U.S. this year and are back of industry experts projections so that is another reason the Ford rebates are higher than normal.


$3,500 available in Ford Rebates (Not counting dealer discount) if you want to pay cash, or finance with any bank.


Now there is 0% available on the 2017 Ford Escape’s for up to 72 months with qualified credit but you do have to forgo the $3,500 rebate to achieve the 0% Financing.


Hopefully this wasn’t too much information about the Escape but if you have any questions about rebates, options, etc please feel free to stop by 2245 SW Topeka Boulevard in Topeka or give us a call at 785-235-9211 or contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you. Until next time, happy car buying!